Spots On The Face?

Illustration of Spots On The Face?
Illustration: Spots On The Face?

On my face there are brown spots near my eyes and they appear, what is that? And can those spots be removed?

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The appearance of brown spots on the facial area is very disturbing cosmetically, especially in women. But based on the info you mentioned, it's still not specific to directing it to a diagnosis. There are several diagnoses that are characterized by complaints of brown spots on the face, including:

 Freckle Skin tag Milia, etc. The complaint must be examined directly by a doctor to confirm the diagnosis. Because the handling of brown spots and arising must be based on examination by a doctor. Usually the handler can use a laser, or a small surgery, or even just use a cream and no action is needed. Therefore you should consult your facial skin to a dermatologist or the nearest aesthetic clinic doctor.

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