Spots While 11 Weeks Pregnant?

Illustration of Spots While 11 Weeks Pregnant?
Illustration: Spots While 11 Weeks Pregnant?

Afternoon, I want to ask. This is my 11-week pregnancy, right? Suddenly, there are quite a lot of brown blood spots accompanied by pain in the abdomen. Is it dangerous? Please give me the information, thanks

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Hello Viashofya,

Thank you for asking

Exiting brown spots that are quite a lot accompanied by abdominal pain during young pregnancy you should not underestimate. Could be, spots and abdominal pain is a sign of the threat of miscarriage (abortion imminens). You need to check up IMMEDIATELY to an obstetrician so that a comprehensive examination can be done, including with USG, or other supporting tests. Depending on the cause, your doctor will be able to provide different treatments for you, can be enough with observation, administration of medicines (including uterine strengthening drugs), surgery, and so on.

The threat of a real miscarriage does not always end with an actual miscarriage (abortion insipiens). In some cases, pregnancy can be maintained even until delivery. Various factors can cause a pregnancy to be threatened with death, for example because of fetal chromosome disorders, injury in pregnancy, maternal infection, hypertension or uncontrolled maternal diabetes, placental disorders, and many other factors. In addition to the threat of miscarriage, spots during young pregnancy and abdominal pain as you experience it may also occur due to other pregnancy disorders, for example ectopic pregnancy or wine pregnancy. Some other conditions, such as post-sexual injury, side effects of drugs, even disorders of other organ systems may also aggravate your complaint.

Therefore, with prompt and proper treatment by a doctor or obstetrician, it is expected that your condition and the fetus in your uterus can be saved. In the meantime, do it first:

Bedrest (total rest from all strenuous activities)
Do not have sex
Eat and drink enough and nutritious
Build a positive mind, surrender everything that happens to you and your womb to God, do not panic, worry, or excessive fear
Do not carelessly take any medication, supplements, or ingredients without consulting a doctor first
Warm compresses on painful stomach, do not carelessly massage or massage

Hope this helps ...

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