Spotting After Prenatal Yoga

Illustration of Spotting After Prenatal Yoga
Illustration: Spotting After Prenatal Yoga

Good evening doctor, I’m Fitri 26 years old. I am currently 21 weeks pregnant. Yesterday I was able to take part in prenatal yoga during the day. At night my body aches, and my right lower abdomen aches a little. And the next day there were very few brown spots (just a speck). I want to ask, whether these conditions are still within reasonable limits u0026amp; is it safe for my womb? Do I need to consult with my provider? What gestational age is safe for yoga or pregnancy exercise?

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Yoga in pregnant women is useful for maintaining the health of the mother and maintaining the flexibility of the body of pregnant women, but it also helps to prepare for labor. There are several benefits obtained by pregnant women when doing yoga, including:

help improve body psotur
blood circulation
flex the body
reduce low back pain
improve sleep quality
lower blood pressure

Yoga in pregnant women is done after 14 weeks of gestation. But for young mothers who are new to pregnancy, at least wait after the 2nd trimester, which is above 27 weeks' gestation. Because every condition of pregnant women is very different. Although spots in pregnant women are normal, but when spots are too frequent there is fear that there will be interference with the fetus. Cramps or pain when finished doing yoga is possible because many muscles are attracted, causing cramps in the muscles. If it cannot be left out, it causes tremendous pain in the muscles. You can use cold water or use mucscle relaxant or menthol cream to reduce pain.

May be useful. Always Healthy 😊

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