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I want to ask, last night my mother entered her leg in the hole when she was participating in the 17s competition, so it happened that it was quite hard, the right foot entered the hole. From night until this morning my mother felt dizzy u0026amp; He hurt his leg and this morning I checked him at the hospital, but the response was normal and only he was given medicine, but the doctor said that in two days the doctor ordered him to take it again. Do you think there is a connection between a sprained foot and a headache? His own path was now limping. I was afraid what happened to my mother.

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A foot that is entered into a hole or is traumatized can usually cause various conditions, such as bruising, to fracture. If the trauma to your mother's leg was not too violent, then maybe the pain in your mother's leg was due to a muscle bruise.

muscle bruising is a mild condition that often occurs after impact / trauma. Muscle bruises are usually accompanied by muscle strains (sprains). This can cause symptoms such as pain in the leg, redness, swelling, and pain when moving the leg. In some individuals, if the pain in the legs is very painful then the person may also experience head pain. This is a normal body response. Usually the bruising and headache can gradually get better within a few days. A bruise may take up to 1-2 weeks to heal (depending on the severity of the bruise).

But besides that, the headache that your mother is experiencing can also be caused by other causes such as:

high blood pressure / hypertension. This often occurs in older people who experience pain. The pain can increase blood pressure, which can lead to headaches
dislocation of the leg bones
leg fracture

If you have checked your mother to the doctor right away then this action is the right thing. Therefore, if your mother's condition does not improve within 3 days, it is recommended that you re-control to your doctor.

it is not recommended to massage the sore leg. You can apply the compress with ice cubes to the sore leg area. For the time being it is best to walk with a cane. Support your feet with a few pillows while you sleep.

Here's an article you can read about sprained feet

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