Sprained Leg Until The Ankle Bones Slide.?

Illustration of Sprained Leg Until The Ankle Bones Slide.?
Illustration: Sprained Leg Until The Ankle Bones Slide.? eorthopod.com

Hi,. I want to ask. So this afternoon I sprained my ankle right down the stairs. Now I can make a walk even though it still hurts. Well then my ankles are swollen and I’ve had 2 ankle bones feel sliding. Guess what the explanation is, huh? Is that considered severe? Continue to make handling at home is enough just to compress the swollen and resting joints?

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Hello Alvian, thank you for the question.

Injury / trauma to the ankle can cause disruption or damage to the affected area, can injury to muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments to the bones. Injury can occur in the form of sprains or sprains, joint displacement (subluxation or luxation), so that it can cause fractures in the area of ​​injury. Injury or sprains can cause ligaments or tendons that hold the ankle joints to stretch or tear, this is called a sprain ligament or tendon strain. Symptoms that arise after an injury is pain, especially when moved, swollen, reddish, and felt warm. In patients who are overweight, the recovery process in the legs is usually longer because excess weight puts excessive strain on the limbs. To determine the severity or severity of the disease, it should be consulted to a doctor so that further examination can be done and determine the next treatment plan that will be adjusted to the patient's condition. The doctor will conduct a direct examination on the patient and additional examinations if needed, such as X-ray examination, CT-scan, MRI, and so forth. Your doctor may give you medication, take certain medical measures, and even recommend surgery procedures if there are indications. Some things that can be done to help reduce complaints, especially in the acute phase (early when an injury occurs) include:

Rest: rest the painful part and avoid doing strenuous activities including walking long distances, jumping, or running Ice: cold compresses in the first 48-72 hours after injury, for example with an ice cube wrapped in a towel, do not put ice cubes directly on the skin Compression: use bebat or elastic bandages on ankles Elevation: elevate the ankle for example by propping your knees with a pillow while sleeping. We recommend that you continue to do a healthy lifestyle, adequate rest, eat nutritious foods, reduce activities that involve excessive joints, avoid alcohol consumption, avoid doing alcohol massage the injured leg, use comfortable footwear, and use walking aids when needed.

Thus, hopefully it helps.

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