Sprained Leg While 8 Months Pregnant?

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Night, I was 32 weeks pregnant and just a few hours ago I had a sprain when I came down the stairs, the beginning was not so painful, but now my ankles are swollen and difficult to move because it hurts so much. Can I massage my legs to the masseuse? when I’m pregnant, my fetus is moving, it’s just that the movement is not as common as usual, do I have to be ultrasound to check my fetus ?? Considering the fall and the sprain did not sit because I had time to hold it with my hands … Thank you for the answer …

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Hello Diana Meilina, Thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

Introduce me Dr. Rio will try to answer your question.

At the age of a large pregnancy or trismester three conditions will be enlarged abdomen, causing the mother's movement is slightly hampered. Not infrequently also found cases of large pregnant women who fall due to slipping or stumbling. But you do not need to worry because not all cases endanger the condition of your fetus.

Swollen feet occur because you have injured the tendon tissue / muscle of your ankle which is commonly called a sprain and strain or in everyday language it is called kesleo. This condition is not only caused by trauma / fall, but excessive physical activity can also increase the risk of this disease. The severity of this degree of injury depends on the state of the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints at the time of injury.

In the case of swelling and stretching of muscles, and a slight tear in the ligament will not have much impact on the stability of the joints so that it is usually painful and does not interfere with activity too much. In a rather severe condition occurs when the ligament is torn mostly / broken, so the stability of the joints will be disrupted. In this condition the swelling is usually very large and the pain is very severe. If it is cut off completely the foot will usually not be moved.

In the treatment of health you can do a number of things at home, namely:

  Protect - Protect your ankles by using shoes that are rather high when traveling. Rest - Rest your joints for 2-3 days in mild to moderate conditions. To speed recovery. Ice-Compress with ice cubes wrapped in cloth on a swollen ankle. Compression -Use an elastic band to emphasize the injured yourself, but don't be too tight. Elevation - Place your ankles at hip height and hang. Which should be avoided in the process of healing kesleo and not only for pregnant women, namely:

  Heat - Avoid using hot water when bathing or compressing parts of the body, this will make the swelling worse. Alcohol - Stay away from alcohol consumption because it can worsen swelling. Running - Avoid strenuous activities such as running, walking fast, or running continuously during the recovery period. Massage -Do not massage or massage the injured area, because it will aggravate the injury, such as a torn ligament that can be broken, etc. So that complaints will get worse. Right now what you can do is:

 Don't massage your feet. Perform the tips above to speed recovery. Beware of posttraumatic complaints in pregnancy, such as bleeding, fetal death, placental abruption, etc. But you do not need to worry, immediately come and check yourself to the doctor or midwife to find out your baby's condition, it doesn't have to be on an ultrasound, usually just listening to the baby's heartbeat is enough. Get enough rest, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Thank you, hopefully it will always be helpful and healthy.


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