Sprains In The Ankles And Scratches?

Illustration of Sprains In The Ankles And Scratches?
Illustration: Sprains In The Ankles And Scratches? Bing

…. I want to ask ne…. It was exactly one month ago that I slipped at my workplace…. After slipping, my right leg sprained and swelled and had a scratch? The initial action is to go to a doctor and then get massaged by a masseuse?rnrnWhy do I still experience swelling and the condition around my heels and ankles becomes tight and tense when I walk or stand for a long time?? What solution do you think I should do??rnrnAnd one more thing…. There is a little wound due to the sprain which then becomes scabs and likes to ooze fluid? Guess what the solution should be, what’s the good onernrnThanks in advance ny

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Hello, good afternoon.

A sprain, or in medical language called a sprain, is a condition where there is an injury to the layer of tissue that connects one bone to another and supports the joint. In addition to sprains, there are also so-called strains, ie if the injury causes damage to the muscle or tissue that connects bone to muscle. Strains are also known as strain injuries. Sprains can occur due to severe and sudden 'stress' on the joints, such as slips, physical activity without adequate warm-up, and incorrect movements during sports.

Simple treatment that is right for the occurrence of sprains is RICE, namely:

rest. Rest the injured leg, limit activity for 48-72 hours after the Ice injury. Apply ice to the injured area. First, determine the area to be compressed, then roll the ice with a handkerchief or clean cloth, then bandage using an elastic bandage, do this for 30 minutes and repeat every 4 hours within 48 hours of Compression. Wrap the wrist with an elastic bandage or elastic cloth to reduce swelling for 48 hours. Elevation. Position the injured joint higher than the body (when lying down) or higher than the hip (when sitting). While sleeping, you can use a pillow to prop your feet up. When the leg is left, avoid using a bandage. Things that should be avoided for 48 hours -72 hours after the occurrence of a sprain include: exposure to heat, strenuous physical activity such as running, and massage. Massage should be done after 3 days since the injury occurred so as not to hinder the healing process and even worsen the swelling experienced.

In general, a sprained ankle takes about 2 weeks to fully heal, but it also depends on the extent of the injury. Regarding the complaints of swelling that you are still experiencing, I suggest that you re-examine your ankle to the doctor (more specifically to an orthopedic specialist). The doctor may perform additional tests such as X-rays or MRI if needed. Treatment can be in the form of medication, physiotherapy, the use of a cast, or surgery.

Regarding wounds that still often bleed, it is necessary to consider whether the intended fluid is pus, whether it is accompanied by redness, swelling, and fever. If these symptoms are present, then you should see a doctor so that the wound can be seen immediately. If it is an infection, you will be given treatment in the form of wound care and antibiotics.

I hope this helps.

Regards, dr. Denisa Libela

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