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Good morning,. I have consumed warm lemon water in recent days, but why do I get canker sores in the sky and lips even though lemon water is vitamin C and anti-oxidant ??. Eating is not delicious. Please be the solution. thank you

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Hi Juls, thanks for the question for HealthReplies.com

Thrush can occur due to many possibilities, here are some of them:

stress injuries to the mouth such as being bitten, hit, using braces, etc. eating certain foods that irritate the mouth such as pineapples, oranges, foods that are too acidic, etc.Tooth and gum infections lack certain nutrients such as vitamin C, iron, vitamin B12, and folic acid food allergies side effects of certain drugs, including chemotherapy and radiation certain autoimmune diseases such as lupus and Crohn's disease habit of chewing tobacco etc.

Although it is true that consumption of vitamin C is very good for maintaining mucosal health including oral mucosa, consuming too acidic drinks such as lemon water can also cause irritation in your mouth so that it can trigger the appearance of mouth sores.

Canker sores generally heal on their own in 1-2 weeks. You can help by doing the following:

Avoid drinking lemon water that is too acidic, you can dilute lemon water with more water so that the acidity decreases Also avoid other foods and drinks that are too acidic, too spicy, or too hot Drink more water, at least 2-3 liters a day. nutritious, especially eating foods that contain vitamin B and folate such as fish, chicken, red meat, eggs, green vegetables, fruits Avoid eating while talking to prevent lip bites Gargle with salt water to reduce pain in your mouth ulcer. Maintain oral hygiene and teeth Avoid stress

If after 2 weeks your mouth sores do not get better or if your current canker sores are quite large, painful, and very disturbing, you can check with your doctor for further evaluation and treatment. The doctor can provide certain drugs that can help speed up healing of your canker sores.

So much information from me, hopefully it will be enough to answer

dr. irna cecilia

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