Sprue Often Until The Lips Are Swollen.?

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Doctor, I often get sprue. Sometimes it happens when I have a lot of work, is it due to stress? But sometimes I also sprue is not currently in a state of stress. I think I often eat fruit too. Is there anything to do with anything else? while making swollen lips even jaw aches. Thank you doctor

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Hello Syah Riani,

Thrush is a wound in the mouth that can cause complaints of discomfort or pain. Thrush can occur on the inner lips, tongue, gums, inner cheeks, palate, and other mucosa. Thrush can be caused by various things not just because of a lack of certain vitamins. Sprue with a large size, generally requires a long time to heal and can cause scarring / scars afterwards. Recurrent thrush can occur because:

Bite trauma, usually due to the arrangement of teeth that are not neat, the presence of dental teeth, or how to chew that is not good. Often appear in the same place Trauma when brushing teeth Celiac disease Chrons disease Side effects of certain medications Hormonal changes Consumption of certain foods, for example those that are too hot, too spicy, or too acidic Smoking Stress factors Toothpaste containing sodium lauret sulfate About 20% of sprue that Repetitive also unknown cause. What you can do to prevent thrush from recurring is to try to replace toothpaste and toothbrush whose hair is softer, stop smoking, avoid foods that are too acidic / spicy and foods that usually cause allergies to you, drink enough water, and manage stress well. To reduce pain due to canker sores, can provide compresses with ice cubes on canker sores, rinse with salt water solution, and take pain relievers. You should check with your doctor if you get large sores, with uneven edges or deeper sores (echoes), pus or blood coming out of canker sores, complaints in the digestive system, or high fever. Thus the explanation from me, may be useful.

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