Sputum Examination Results And X-rays Were Different After 6 Months Of TB Treatment?

Morning Doctor, I want to ask ‘my mother has TB and has been treated for 6 months and was declared cured by the Lab Staff. poskesmas after the sputum test, but after the thoracic x-ray the results were still positive for TB, I was confused about what sputum test, Doctor’s x-ray test? while my mother was still coughing, doctor’s cough, mohn explained. Doctor’s suwun before and after.

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Pulmonary TB is an infection caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium Tuberculosis that attacks the lungs. Symptoms are prolonged cough> 2 weeks, body weakness, frequent night sweats, decreased body weight, in prolonged or severe cases it can cause shortness of breath. Diagnosis of TB is made according to symptoms, physical examination of the lungs, laboratory, sputum examination and X-rays. Pulmonary TB treatment does take a long time from 6 months to 9 months, even in certain cases it can take up to 12 months or more.

For therapy monitoring is usually done at 2 months after taking the drug, and the 6th month of treatment. Usually a repeat of the sputum examination will be carried out. To ensure that it is healed and can finish treatment, you must go through a series of repeat checks such as when determining the initial diagnosis, namely whether the symptoms have improved, direct physical examination of the lungs, laboratory blood tests, repeat sputum examination, and X-rays again then the examining doctor You will determine whether the treatment has been completed and declared cured or you still have to continue treatment in a few months.

Usually the results of the sputum examination can be disrupted, it can be negative even though it has not yet been cured, usually depends on taking sputum samples that do not match the criteria, or have indeed recovered. The X-ray results can still show positive pulmonary TB because the picture is the same, namely there is an increase in the image of the lung coloration, therefore it is necessary to compare it with the previous X-ray results.

We recommend that you check or consult people with the pulmonary doctor who treats your mother to make sure whether the treatment is sufficient or you still have to continue for several months to complete the treatment, because if there is no recurrent TB or Relapsed TB or MDR TB which is more severe and further treatment is also requires a long treatment time. Some things you need to pay attention to:

take care of your mother's health
eat nutritious foods
get enough rest
keep the house clean
keep the air ventilation and light into the house so that the house air temperature is not humid
further check the condition

read things related to pulmonary TB, MDR TB

hopefully useful, thank you

dr. Danny

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