Sputum Thinning Nebule?

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Fever accompanied by a cough with phlegm is one of them can be caused by infection, including by bacteria. This infection can be limited to the upper respiratory tract, namely the nasal cavity, sinuses, and throat, or deeper, such as the larynx, bronchi, and lungs. A doctor's direct examination is required to identify exactly where the infection occurred.

Overcoming symptoms of illness due to bacterial infection needs to be done by administering antibiotics and a variety of other drugs according to the complaints that arise. Generally, for mild infections, the fever will subside within 1 to 3 days of taking the drug. However, coughs can indeed last longer, which can be weeks or even more.

Still the appearance of coughing as your child does, as long as it is not accompanied by fever, and also does not cause the child to become short of breath, vomiting, difficulty sleeping, and also weakness, is actually not dangerous. This cough will usually subside on its own as long as you give it medication regularly, give it more rest time, keep its diet (not eating cold and greasy food), and stay away from airborne allergens and irritants (for example dust, animal hair, cold, mites, etc. pollen, smoke).

If this cough still seems very annoying, steam therapy can be done. However, for drug use, you should still consult with your doctor or the nearest pediatrician. Because the need for drugs to treat coughs in children can vary depending on age, posture, the severity of the symptoms that appear, medical history, and the child's general health condition. So, it can't be arbitrary huh ..

It would be safer if you do steam therapy without using drugs. You can use intravenous fluids (NaCl) as initial treatment. This liquid when evaporated in the right way can help increase moisture in the respiratory tract, thereby minimizing coughing, loosening phlegm, and relieving breathing.

Furthermore, if your child's symptoms still do not improve until the drug runs out, you should check your child again to a doctor or pediatrician for further treatment.

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