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When I don’t feel embarrassed, why does my face feel so tight right now? It doesn’t hurt but there is a tight sensation, why?

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It is normal to complain of a bit of a fit when you feel embarrassed or not. In general, feelings of pleasure, happiness, shame, or worry give a variety of body responses for each person. As with complaints of constipation on your face. This can be related to changes in blood flow to the skin and contractions of muscles around the hair roots.

With a feeling of not being in or embarrassed is one of the emotional changes that you can feel, so for you, this sensation is a unique and powerful sensation for you to feel or feel by others. However, maybe for some people, complaints that are felt when embarrassed or not only in the form of palpitations and decreased concentration, so the difference in the sensations that you feel is a natural complaint felt by each person. Sometimes this sensation gives an unpleasant sensation or for some it is common or tickling.

In addition to the throbbing or throbbing sensation when shyness appears, some other sensations or complaints can also be felt when there is a change in emotions (worry, mallu, anger, or lack of confidence), such as:

A cold sweat
Trembling hands
Hands and body feel cold
Sweaty palms

Some things you can try if this complaint makes you uncomfortable or worried, such as:

Calm down
More relaxed
Rub the skin gently with a tissue or your hands that you feel choking
Apply a warm compress to the area that is sticky
Familiarize yourself in conditions where it makes you feel unworthy or ashamed. By controlling these things, you will be better able to control the grievances that you feel.

If all this does not bother you, then there is no complicated effort to control all this. However, if the above efforts you make do not produce positive results or you feel increasingly disturbed by this complaint, then you should consult a psychiatrist or psychologist to help control the cause of this complaint. By controlling all the causes, this will help you be more confident and be able to adjust well to certain conditions that might make you embarrassed.

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