Squint Therapy Using Eye Patch

Illustration of Squint Therapy Using Eye Patch
Illustration: Squint Therapy Using Eye Patch

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Eyes that are not focused on one point of view can be called a squint (strabismus). This condition can occur from birth, but can also be found as an adult. The most common trigger is a disorder in the brain that coordinates eye movements. But it could also, squinting occurs due to eye refraction disorders (such as minus eyes and cylinders) heavy that is not corrected properly, cataracts, eye nerve disorders, eye muscle disorders as well.

Need to be clear, when was the last time you checked your eye condition to the doctor?

If you have never, or have been more than 1 year ago, you better check yourself directly to the doctor or eye doctor. Through direct physical examination, in-depth interviews, or also some other supporting tests, of course the doctor can decide the best treatment advice that needs to be done, for example, enough with conservative therapy (such as the use of blindfolded tape or fusion exercises) even operative therapy.

Compared to operative therapy, the treatment of squinting eyes with the use of eye patches is much safer. However, if the squint you are experiencing is quite severe, or if the squint is related to certain anatomical abnormalities in the eye, of course this kind of treatment is not enough. Therefore, as mentioned above, in order to be given the right treatment, you should first check yourself at the nearest health facility, yes. The doctor who examines you will determine later, whether your complaint is handled with the use of eye patch, and if so, then how long and how often is it used correctly.

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