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Night! Doctor, my child is 2 years old. Two hearts then fell from the stairs. There were blisters and slight bruises on the right eye temple. But during those two days there was no difference in behavior in my child and his sleep was always soundly good … just his eyes had a lot of dirt coming out, especially after waking up. And after these two days his body temperature went up is there something to do after he fell? What should I do at home? Mhon’s explanation. Thank you

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Rubbing or eye discharge is a normal condition if only found in certain conditions. Generally it will be choked when you wake up in the morning, this condition also occurs in babies due to the development and opening of the baby's tear ducts. The flow that is obstructed in the corner of the eye causes visible dirt. This condition needs to get attention if the back continues out in the morning, in large quantities, causing pain and swelling at the corner of the eye.

To clean the chin on a child can use cotton bud in the morning first dipped in clean and warm water. Rub the cotton bud once and out of the eye to lift the chin. Each side of the cotton bud can only be used once.

When a child falls and bumps on the head, injuries occur to the head that need to get special observation and attention. The presence of abrasions and bruises on the temples and the right eye indicates a fairly harsh impact on the area concerned. Some conditions in head injuries include minor injuries, bruising to the scalp, swelling, bleeding, dislocation, skull fractures and concussions, depending on the impact mechanism and the severity of the injury. Keep in mind how the mechanism of falling from a ladder, what is the height when falling, whether there is fainting after falling, nausea and vomiting after falling.

Some of the symptoms that can occur in a child while experiencing head injury include:

Crying continuously. Easily irritated. Changes in appetite. Not easy to concentrate. Sleep patterns change. Often feel sad or depressed. Don't want to play, even though it's his favorite game. Signs of danger that can occur after a head injury in a child are a decrease in awareness of the child, the child looks weak, unable to speak properly, unable to work as usual. After falling and bruising should be checked first to deal with these conditions.

From your description of the child's condition it is advisable to consult a doctor or pediatrician first, especially regarding the condition of the bruise on the head after a fall. Anamnesis can be done related to the mechanism of falling and impact on the head, physical examination, and supporting examination if deemed necessary. Avoid using self-medication without doctor's instructions.

For more information about the check-in you can access this link. For more information on minor head injuries, access this link.

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