Stab Wound?

Illustration of Stab Wound?
Illustration: Stab Wound?

What are the drugs or antibiotics for puncture wounds? as well as what foods have not been eaten and should not be eaten

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Puncture wounds should always receive further examination by a doctor first. In order to know the appropriate management for stab wounds, it is necessary to know a few things:

which part of the body was stabbed and how deep was the object punctured whether the wound is clean or dirty is there a lot of bleeding and whether the bleeding can stop tetanus vaccination status

A stab wound is different from an incision wound in that the outer part of the stab wound may be only minor, but the inside of the wound is severely damaged (for example, if a stab wound is in the abdomen or in the chest, internal organs can be injured, or if the stab wound occurs in hand or foot, a tendon break or muscle injury may occur). Therefore it is very important to know the location of the stab wound and the depth of the puncture first.

The object that is pierced also needs to be clearly known. For example, if you are punctured by a sharp, dirty object (rusty nails, for example), then you will need additional therapy in the form of tetanus antitoxin to prevent bacterial tetanus that can enter your wound due to the puncture.

Cleaning puncture wounds also cannot be done carelessly. The wound really has to be cleaned to the inside of the wound, not just the outside. You should check with your doctor first for further examination of the wound, cleaning the wound, and suturing the wound if necessary.

Antibiotics are medicines that you should not buy yourself without a doctor's prescription. Therefore, to get antibiotics you still have to see a doctor directly. Meanwhile, for food and beverages, there are no special restrictions. You are advised to eat foods that contain lots of vitamins (especially vitamins A, C, and E) and contain lots of zinc because these vitamins and minerals are very good for helping wound healing.

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