Stage 2 Her2 (+) Breast Cancer Treatment

Illustration of Stage 2 Her2 (+) Breast Cancer Treatment
Illustration: Stage 2 Her2 (+) Breast Cancer Treatment

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Treatment given to patients with breast cancer is not necessarily the same between patients with other patients, depending on age, type of cancer, stage, and general condition of the sufferer. Treatment recommended by doctors can be in the form of surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and targeted therapy.

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 surgery aims to remove cancer cells so that they no longer attack the tissue around the radiotherapy is given to overcome the remaining cancer cells that are not removed by chemotherapy surgery given to overcome cancer cells that have spread through the blood that can not be detected Hormone therapy is given if the cancer cells have hormone receptors on the cell surface (estrogen receptor (ER) or progesterone receptor (PR)). This hormone therapy works to prevent the hormone estrogen or progesterone from sticking to breast cells so as to prevent the growth of new cancer targeted therapy a study comparing 4 cycles of chemotherapy (4 times) compared with 6 cycles of chemotherapy for relapse-free survival. The study showed that no significant difference was found in the duration of the patient free from recurrence, in patients who received 4 cycles of chemotherapy by 91.6% while those who received 6 cycles were 91.8%. In general, from these studies, giving 6 cycles of chemotherapy is no better than 4 cycles; however, back again to the characteristics of cancer cells sufferers and chemotherapy drugs used. Indeed as a family sufferer is not easy to help give an opinion about which treatment is best for your wife. However, I'm sorry I can't suggest which treatment is better for your wife. The advice that can be given is to try to consult again with one other doctor to ask for a third opinion about the conditions and the right treatment for your wife. You can also ask the doctor about the comparison of 4 cycles of chemotherapy compared to 6 cycles. If your wife is still in doubt, your wife can try again and also consult with a doctor who previously suggested 4 cycles or 6 cycles and ask each doctor for consideration.
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