Stages Of Syphilis And Its Treatment?

Illustration of Stages Of Syphilis And Its Treatment?
Illustration: Stages Of Syphilis And Its Treatment?

. How to treat syphilis if it has entered the latent phase? Do you need antibiotics?

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Syphilis or lion king is a type of sexually transmitted infection caused by the bacterium Treponema pallidum which usually spreads from one person to another through direct contact with bodily fluids of the sufferer, for example through sexual contact, both vaginal, anal, or oral. This bacterium can also be transmitted through exposure to other bodily fluids, for example through blood, due to the use of syringes (though rare), blood transfusions, or from mother to child during pregnancy. Symptoms of syphilis appear based on stages and on average appear about 3 weeks after bacteria enter the body. Stages of syphilis include:

Primary syphilis, symptoms of lesions or genital sores, in and around the mouth, sores are usually painless and are like insect bites. Usually occurs for 1-2 months until the lesions disappear and do not leave marks. At this stage transmission is very easy to occur.

Secondary syphilis. Appears after symptoms of genital lesions, usually patients will experience a red coin-sized reddish rash on the palms and soles of the feet, usually also causing systemic symptoms, such as fever, decreased appetite, sore throat and genital warts. This phase can last for one to three months.

Latent Syphilis. In the latent phase, complaints do not exist, syphilis seems to disappear and cause no symptoms at all. In the first year of latent syphilis, infection can still be transmitted, this is called early latent syphilis. Late latent syphilis occurs after 1 year. After 2 years, the infection still occurs but is not at risk to transmit it to others. This phase lasts about two years before then continuing to the most dangerous period in syphilis infection, which is tertiary syphilis if not handled properly.

Tertiary syphilis, is the final stage of syphilis infection. Some things that can occur in this phase include paralysis, blindness, dementia, hearing problems, impotence, and even death if left untreated.

Understanding the handling should consult your doctor first, the doctor must conduct a direct examination on the patient and supporting examinations such as blood tests, serological examination, etc. After the diagnosis has been established, the treatment is usually by administering antibiotics. In primary and secondary syphilis, antibiotic injections are usually given once, whereas in latent syphilis, need to increase the dose, injections can be done up to several times. We recommend that you first consult about handling this disease to the doctor. Therefore, if you suspect or are at risk of syphilis infection, you should immediately consult a doctor or clinic specializing in venereal diseases to confirm the diagnosis of syphilis. The sooner syphilis is treated, the less likely it is that syphilis develops into a serious disease. It is recommended that you take medication as prescribed by the doctor, wash hands as often as possible to avoid the spread of infection, notify sexual partners to also see a doctor, and because this is a sexually transmitted disease, you should stop sexual activity temporarily until syphilis is completely cured.

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