Stained Blood After 4 Days Of Intercourse?

Illustration of Stained Blood After 4 Days Of Intercourse?
Illustration: Stained Blood After 4 Days Of Intercourse?

Mlm ,, I mw asked me my period on the 4th yesterday within 4 days ,, 4 days later my husband and I had sex for 3 consecutive days ,, then the next night I saw blood spots on my CD … what’s wrong with me y sis ??? r n r nPlease answer🙏🙏 r nThank you

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Pregnancy can occur when sperm cells successfully fertilize a mature egg. A mature egg indicates a woman is in her fertile period. The fertile period of women usually ranges from 10-14 days after the first day of the last menstruation. however, the fertile period can vary depending on your menstrual cycle.

From the situation you are experiencing, if you have intercourse 4 days after finishing menstruation, it is likely that at that time there has not been a fertile period. so the chances of pregnancy are quite low. So if you experience blood spots on your underwear, it may be due to vaginal irritation.

Vaginal irritation can occur after intercourse, especially if intercourse is carried out over a frequent period of time. The irritation of the vagina is usually mild and can improve within a few days. Irritation of the vagina can cause symptoms such as a burning sensation in the vagina, burning sensation in the vagina, redness, and may be accompanied by spotting of blood.

But besides that, the condition you are experiencing can also be caused by other causes such as:

bacterial vaginosis
yeast infection of the vagina
a tear in the vagina
sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia
cervical cancer

Therefore, if your condition does not improve within 3-5 days, you should see a doctor directly, so that the doctor can check your condition firsthand. maybe later additional tests will be done such as blood tests, vaginal mucus tests or ultrasound if necessary.

It is recommended that you do foreplay first before having intercourse so that the female area is more prepared. other than that, avoid having sex in a dangerous way, or using certain tools. it is important not to smoke, and avoid using too often feminine antiseptic, just use it once a day.

the following article that you can read about brown spots

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