Steps So That Children Aged 5 Years Do Not Wet The Bed Again When Sleeping?

Illustration of Steps So That Children Aged 5 Years Do Not Wet The Bed Again When Sleeping?
Illustration: Steps So That Children Aged 5 Years Do Not Wet The Bed Again When Sleeping?

Hello !!! I want to ask, I have a niece who wants to familiarize the child “not using a flat again, the age of the child is 5+ so I want to ask if I sleep at night, children ” age 5+ how many times do I have to pee normally ??? Because before night I used to pee first, then later at 1:35 I woke up to pee, then what should I do ???

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Hello Alzy,

Toilet training can start from the age of one and a half years, where the average child has shown certain expressions when holding urinating or defecating. Another feature of readiness is not to defecate in the diaper at night, and the child is able to communicate about using the toilet also expressed his desire to defecate or urinate with certain gestures or words. Sometimes, this readiness does not appear when the child is one and a half years old. You do not need to force it and can delay it until the age of 2 years. The average child at the age of 3 years can use the toilet well, although sometimes still need help to wash genitals / rectum or flush toilets.

Steps you can take:

 Introduce children to the toilet, explain its function. Explain that actually the correct toilet and bowel movements are in the toilet, not in diapers or underwear. Use a potty or toilet seat for children in the bathroom, usually a cartoon character or favorite color can help him feel comfortable and happy on the toilet. Teach to clean genitals or rectum after a bowel movement. You can help by modeling it. Teach washing your hands afterwards. Give praise if the child managed to do it.

Initially, you can take off the diaper during the day, tell him to communicate if you want to urinate or defecate. Routinely put the child in the toilet every 4-5 hours. If the child wet or accidentally defecates in the pants, there is no need to be hard on him because it will traumatize him. Do not put diapers again, keep wearing regular underwear so that later he can learn that urinating in the pants is uncomfortable.

Get used to urinating before going to bed, at first you can wake him up after 4-5 hours later the child can wake up by himself / wake you up if you want to go to the toilet. Consistency is very important in order to achieve the success of toilet training.

Hopefully this is useful,

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