Sticking Patch On Swelling?

Illustration of Sticking Patch On Swelling?
Illustration: Sticking Patch On Swelling?

I want to ask whether it is okay to stick the patch on the swollen back of the ear?

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Swollen ears on the back can be caused by a variety of causes. Some conditions that can cause swelling of the back ear include:

retroauricular abscess
otitis externa
certain tumors

It is important to know what causes the swelling that occurs on the back of your ear. Patches generally contain capsaicin, which can cause a relieving effect on soreness and possibly bruising of muscles. However, in cases of swelling behind the ears, patches cannot be eliminated. so it's best not to use the patch on the back ear, and the patch on the back ear can cause irritation.

Here's an article you can read about swollen ears

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