Stiff Fingers?

Illustration of Stiff Fingers?
Illustration: Stiff Fingers?

By noon, I want to ask, if the fingers are stiff when gripping / clenched, what’s the cause? It has been done lab checks such as: n-cholesterol n-uric acid nBut everything is normal, also the joints feel pain and body aches, are there other causes besides gout and high cholesterol? What is the best medicine for this problem? Thank you for the answer ….. 😊 n

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In patients with a history of joint stiffness when grasping, it may be influenced by muscle, joint, or nervous system factors. If you have done blood tests, but all the results of blood tests are within normal limits, then this condition provides an overview of the absence of disorders of uric acid metabolism, blood cholesterol. However, to prevent your complaints from getting worse, you should still avoid the risk of foods that contain lots of cholesterol and foods that contain excess uric acid.

Several other conditions can also cause the same complaint, such as:

1.Forced muscles and joints, this condition occurs when your muscles and joints work excessively lifting, pushing, or carrying

2.trauma to the hand or wrist

3. Infection in the surrounding area

4. Carpal tunnel syndrome, often occurs in individuals with excessive workload on the wrist or hand, resulting in nerve compression

5. Rheumatism, such as osteoratritis, is often found in elderly patients

6. Suffering from an initial illness, such as suffering from the onset of flu, early sore throat

However, you should consult all of this directly to the doctor who refers the previous blood test. Thus, the doctor can evaluate the results of the examination performed and plan further examinations related to your complaint.

Treatment will be given according to the results of the examination found by your doctor. So that I can't give treatment without doing a direct examination.

All you need to do is idealize your weight, avoid sleeping late at night, and do regular exercise.

That is the information we can convey, also read stiff fingers.


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