Stiff Neck And Headache After Taking Vitamins?

Illustration of Stiff Neck And Headache After Taking Vitamins?
Illustration: Stiff Neck And Headache After Taking Vitamins?

Hello, my mother is 55 years old and routinely consumes Retivit Plus and RG Choline 1000 daily for many years, but in the last few weeks after consuming the vitamin, her neck feels very stiff and has a headache, sometimes a headache. These symptoms disappear after a while but the next day it starts again and so on.

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First of all, I want to confirm first, what eye disease does your mother suffer so that your mother must consume eye vitamins regularly? How long have you been consuming these supplements for?

Supplements like Retivit plus contain several types of vitamins and minerals that are known to help maintain eye health, while RG Choline is a supplement containing Citicoline which is generally given as a neuroprotector. Consumption of multivitamins and minerals such as Retivit is not known to cause certain side effects, but supplements such as Citicoline should not be taken carelessly especially in the long run without consulting a doctor regularly. The safety of consuming this supplement in the long term is not known with certainty. In some people taking this drug can cause some side effects such as insomnia, headaches, constipation or diarrhea, nausea, abdominal pain, chest pain, etc. Supplements such as Citicoline are included in hard drugs which should also not be taken continuously without regular consultation with a doctor and may not be purchased alone without a doctor's prescription. We recommend that if your mother does not consult a doctor regularly, do not use this supplement again.

Affect stiff neck and headaches and dizziness, these symptoms may occur due to consumption of these supplements, can also be caused by other things, such as disorders of the neck muscles due to errors in sleeping position, errors in sitting position or work position, injuries during sports or when lifting heavy objects, disorders of the nerves of the spine in the neck area (for example there is a pinched nerve), disorders of the spine itself (for example, abnormal bone curvatura, there are fractures / fractures of the spine, infection of the bone, etc.), and still many other possibilities. It is better to check with your doctor first to find out the exact cause of these symptoms.

In the meantime some things your mother can do:

 compress the neck area of ​​the back with a warm compress do massage gently on the neck and shoulder area (not sorted hard) improve sleeping position (preferably sleeping in a supine position, do not tilt to one side continuously) improve sitting and working positions

So much information from me, hopefully enough answer

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