Stiff Nerves After Getting Up From Sitting?

Illustration of Stiff Nerves After Getting Up From Sitting?
Illustration: Stiff Nerves After Getting Up From Sitting?

Good Morning Dear Mr / Mrs doctor, Introduce me Rivaldi, Age 19, Weight 78kg, Height 169cm.I feel that there is something strange about the movement of my activities for the past 4 years, from the beginning of sitting and standing up suddenly from the head, face , hands and feet all stiff suddenly. stiff like a stroke but the situation was only briefly about 5 seconds after that my body returned to normal. Indeed, before 6 years ago I was hit by bells palsy on my face, which caused half of my face to go numb, but Already Healed, do the bells palsy have anything to do with my present situation? I have searched on social media and the internet, I did not find what kind of disease I live at this time. Please help to Mr / Mrs The doctor answered my question to consult immediately after this to the doctor related to this disease. Thank you in advance for your attention Mr / Mrs Doctors, Rivaldi, 19Thn

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Hello Rivaldi, Thank you for the question.

Have you ever consulted with further doctors? Does this complaint always occur when you get up from a sitting position? Are these symptoms accompanied by symptoms of dizziness, blurred vision, cold sweat, weakness, joint pain or stiff joints, swollen joints, or fatigue? Direct examination by a doctor is needed to determine the cause of the complaint you are conveying. If you do not get checked, it is not possible to ascertain the cause and you cannot find out the right treatment for the condition.

The complaints you submit can be caused by:

a drop in blood pressure that occurs suddenly due to sudden changes in body position

muscle stiffness after the muscle has been inactive for a while
rheumatoid arthritis
polymyalgia rheumatica

This complaint is most likely not related to Bell's palsy that you have experienced before. If this complaint is very disturbing and considering this complaint has been going on for 4 years, you should consult with a specialist in internal medicine. The doctor will ask for more details about the symptoms you are experiencing, examine you, and perform other tests such as blood tests or X-rays. After knowing the cause of the examination, the doctor will provide appropriate snacks.

You can also do the following suggestions:

get enough rest
exercise regularly
always consume nutritious food
avoid sudden changes in body position
avoid sitting or standing for long periods
Hopefully this information is useful.

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