Stiffness In The Neck And Shoulders Accompanied By Decreased Function Of The Hands And Feet?

Illustration of Stiffness In The Neck And Shoulders Accompanied By Decreased Function Of The Hands And Feet?
Illustration: Stiffness In The Neck And Shoulders Accompanied By Decreased Function Of The Hands And Feet?

Hello doctor. I want to ask, I am a 26 year old male. I am currently experiencing neck and shoulder stiffness, for neck stiffness since the last 3 years while the shoulders have been around for the last 1 year. Then I felt that my left leg and hand had some kind of strange sensation but it was still functioning properly. Please note that I am currently overweight, around 97 kg with a height of 165. That’s all, thank you.

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Hello Amran

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We understand the complaints you feel. Stiff neck and shoulder is a quite disturbing complaint for some people. This condition is often caused by muscle tension around the neck and shoulders. Generally, neck and shoulder stiffness in medical language is often referred to as torticollis. The disorder can disappear / heal on its own without or with treatment. Torticollis occurs due to disorders of the muscles where the muscles experience excessive stretching / contraction, so that the sufferer often feels pain and discomfort when moving the area around the neck and shoulders. Several factors that can cause this disorder include:

Congenital disorders

Poor sleeping position
Too long to lift heavy weights
Poor sitting position
Stress and fatigue
Excess weight

However, stiffness that is felt around the neck and shoulders can indicate a serious illness, such as:

Inflammation of the lining of the brain / meningitis which can be accompanied by symptoms of fever, nausea, vomiting, seizures, and decreased consciousness

Disorders of the spine in the neck area: can be caused by inflammation of the small joints in the vertebrae or an infection that attacks the spine

The complaints you experience are likely to be influenced by the condition of your body being obese, resulting in limited movement of the head area and other limbs due to the heavy load, thus triggering stiffness in the area. In addition, related to complaints on your feet and hands, as long as the function and strength of the limbs are still good and do not interfere with your daily activities, then you don't need to worry. It needs to be evaluated directly to find out what kind of strange sensation you are complaining about. Don't hesitate to consult a neurologist around you to get complete and relevant examinations and information. Here are some things you can do at home to help reduce the complaints you feel:

Doing a good position while sleeping, sitting or doing other activities

Increase the consumption of water
Strive to reduce body weight to near ideal
Eat nutritious foods, low in fat, high in protein and multiply vegetables and fruit
Compress with warm water if you feel pain

Do regular exercise every day
Avoid stress and fatigue
Consider taking pain medication

That is the information that I can convey, hope it helps

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