Stiffness In The Neck Caused By TB?

Illustration of Stiffness In The Neck Caused By TB?
Illustration: Stiffness In The Neck Caused By TB?

Hello doctor, I’m a 19-year-old woman. I am a lymph node TB patient just starting 12 days taking anti-TB drugs. 2 days ago My body was very weak and my heart was sweating profusely, the lump was enlarged again and I control to the doctor he said the effect of the drug. Finally, I was given a vitamin coating of sugar membrane and I multiply my food again. But after two days I no longer lemes my neck almost all parts are stiff and feels tight, the lump in the neck enlarges every time my body is hot. This stiff and tight neck really interferes with my activities, do I need to consult a specialist doctor about lymph nodes? The thing is, every time I consult I always say that the lump will disappear while taking anti-TB drugs. But I feel tired when sitting standing holding his stiff and tense neck that is very disturbing

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Hello, Ms. Thank you Ukhty Muthiah for consulting with us on

As you might have understood before, that tuberculosis or tuberculosis not only occurs in the lungs, but also in other parts of the body such as selalput brain, bones, kidneys, abdominal cavity, urinary tract, skin, pleura and also as you are experiencing now that is lymph gland. Of all cases of glandular TB, the most common is in the neck area or also called the scrofula, where the scrofula is transmitted by someone breathing in air contaminated with MTB, or it could be because the TB germs that are in the lungs move to the nearest lymph node including the neck area.

One typical sign of glandular TB is the appearance of a lump on the neck or head. Which is where these lumps will continue to enlarge over time and are painless. It is also accompanied by other classic signs of TB infection such as weight loss without apparent cause, body discomfort, fever and night sweats.

While the symptoms of stiffness in the neck can be included in the condition of two things, namely a serious and non-serious condition. In non-serious conditions stiffness can occur when:

move the neck suddenly so that the muscles and ligaments of the neck are injured
stress that causes tension in the muscles
Use of the computer for a long time with an asymmetrical sitting position
heavy and unbalanced burden
sleep in an uncomfortable position
poor posture

Whereas in a serious condition is neck stiffness accompanied by other symptoms such as:

high fever
weight decreased dramatically
decreased nerve coordination function, for example, difficulty walking
continuous bowel movements

Some diseases that cause serious neck stiffness such as:

cervical spondylosis
rheumatoid arthritis

The neck stiffness that you are experiencing right now could be related to the enlargement of the gland caused by TB or it could have nothing to do. However, it is very possible that the enlargement of the gland is pressing on the nerves in the neck, causing neck stiffness. However, for more details, you should consult your doctor again, or you can also go to a specialist to get a second opinion. We have a hard time deciding because we don't do direct checks on your body.

For a while you can do temporary management at home, namely by:

choose a pillow that is low and make sure your sleeping position is a good position
compress with cold water on a stiff neck area, if the stiffness is still within the first 2-3 days, but if more than 3 days you should use warm water compresses
do the neck movements slowly such as looking down, uping, looking left and right, and turning right and left
use pain relief gels such as ibuprofen gel which can be used according to instructions for use of the drug.

Thus we can convey, hopefully our information can be useful for you. thanks.

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