Stiffness In The Right Arm At Night?

Illustration of Stiffness In The Right Arm At Night?
Illustration: Stiffness In The Right Arm At Night?

Good evening before morning. U003cbr u003eI currently have complaints in my arms so that my right hand is always sore every evening and it gets worse at night. I am like this since my thesis around Nov / Dec 2017 continues until now I am uncomfortable working in the office. I thought it was just normal aches, so there was one person in the gamer group discussing this disease and some said it was caused by a bad sitting position. From there I looked for some information about this CTS disease, and the symptoms were indeed similar to what I was experiencing. Pain and soreness in the fingers, wrists, elbows, and shoulders.

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Hello Alandies,

Complaints to your hands can indeed be caused by CTS. CTS / carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition of narrowing of the carpal tunnel (in the wrist) which causes the innervation (median nerve) to become pinched.

CTS can cause symptoms in the form of weakened thumbs, hands tingling easily, pain, a feeling of being stabbed or electrocuted, pain can radiate to the arms and shoulders, numbness is mainly in 3 fingers (thumb, teluinjuk, middle finger), this complaint can occur in 1 or 2 hands.

CTS can be caused due to overuse / overuse of hands or doing strenuous activities, a family who has experienced CTS, a history of previous injuries, pregnancy, diabetes, and arthritis.

Examinations performed to ensure CTS are history, physical examination, and if necessary with supporting examinations such as EMG, X-rays, ultrasound, and blood tests. In some cases, CTS can improve on its own without special treatment. Handling of CTS is by giving bandages to the hands so that the hand position is always neutral (can be prescribed by the doctor according to the patient's condition), non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, corticosteroids, and surgery on CTS that do not respond to oral drugs and injections or if CTS has been experienced for many years. years and very disturbing activity.

Although your complaint could be caused by CTS, it is important to think about other possibilities that may have caused your complaint. In addition to CTS, your complaints can also be caused by neuropathy, de quervain's tenosynovitis, cervical radiculopathy, pronator teres syndrome, and psychosomatics.

In the meantime you can do the following tips:

Rest your hands and reduce activities that involve your wrists, for example using a blender instead of kneading, drying clothes in the dryer instead of wringing your hands If you have to type, make sure you are in an ergonomic position Perform regular relaxation and stretching Manage stress well. Cold or warm compresses that are more comfortable according to you Apply pain relieving cream Do not press on your hands while sleeping If with the tips above, complaints often recur or feel getting worse, you should see your doctor directly so that further tests can be done to ascertain the cause of your complaint and so that you can be given treatment the maximum yes.

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