Still Having An Upset Stomach And Having Difficulty Defecating After Hemorrhoids Surgery?

Illustration of Still Having An Upset Stomach And Having Difficulty Defecating After Hemorrhoids Surgery?
Illustration: Still Having An Upset Stomach And Having Difficulty Defecating After Hemorrhoids Surgery?

Assalamulaikum doctor, I am a Sulaiman, aged 25 years. I want to ask, last Saturday I was doing hemorrhoids surgery with a laser, how come my stomach feels abysmally difficult to defecate and once defecated I want to defecate continuously! And what medicine to relieve this great pain from? Thank you very much for your participation

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Hello Sualiman, thank you for asking

Hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids are widening of the veins around the anus which causes symptoms in the form of lumps in the anus, as well as bloody bowel movements and anal pain. This condition usually occurs in someone with a history of constipation, or a history of frequent bowel movements. Handling of hemorrhoids can be done in various ways depending on the degree, including treatment by removing hemorrhoids by surgery.

The surgical technique performed also consisted of various methods, the technique that would be carried out also on several doctor and patient considerations. Surgical techniques for hemorrhoids can be done by:

Hemorrhoidal ligation or binding Sclerotherapy injection of coagulation or by using infrared light used to burn the hemorrhoidal tissue or electrocoagulation All types of surgery have side effects including laser techniques. the laser technique you are referring to is likely to lead to a type of coagulation action. Coagulation with infrared ipakai to burn hemorrhoidal tissue. This step also serves to cut off blood flow. In addition to infrared, the same procedure can also be done by using an electric current called electrocoagulation.

Side effects that may arise in the form of pain, pain felt will last for several weeks. Usually the doctor has prescribed you a number of medications including pain medications to reduce the pain complaints that you feel.

But normally this operation does not affect the pattern of chapter as you mentioned. Noteworthy is to maintain a diet to prevent the possibility of hemorrhoids, and reduce complaints of pain during bowel movements and avoid straining during bowel movements. For this reason, there are several steps you can take to prevent the possibility of hemorrhoids appearing again and reduce pain:

Changing your diet to be healthier especially with high fiber, consumption of fruits and vegetables that contain high fiber can help smooth bowel movements. so that when your ABB does not push and reduce the risk of pain and the emergence of hemorrhage again Consumption of enough water, at least 2L in 1 day Regular exercise, with physical activity can also make healthy digestive system and smoothing CHAPTER Maintaining the cleanliness of the anus and surrounding areas Avoid sitting too long To reduce the pain, you can use non-prescription painkillers such as paracetamol, ibuprofen. But we recommend that you take anti-pain medication that your doctor gave you before. Or if the acra complaints do not improve, you can control back to the doctor who has handled for further evaluation.

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