Still Menstruating After Positive Tests?

Illustration of Still Menstruating After Positive Tests?
Illustration: Still Menstruating After Positive Tests?

My doctor wanted to ask, at the end of December I tested the results positive, then I still did not believe and I tested again up to 3 times the results were also positive. But on January 5th I turned out to be a doctor’s period, and I haven’t had a test yet. what is the possibility of that pregnant doctor? thank you

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Hi Ai,

Thank you for asking

Need to be clarified, what kind of menstruation do you experience? Does the blood come out a lot like menstruation? How many days is the duration?

A positive testpack results many times indeed indeed indicate you are pregnant. Not infrequently, women who are pregnant will experience menstrual-like bleeding, which is often referred to as implantation bleeding. Bleeding like this usually occurs due to tearing of blood vessels in the uterine wall when fertilized results implant themselves into the uterine wall. Often, this condition is not dangerous, and will improve with rest.

In some rare conditions, positive testpack results can also occur when pregnancy does not occur. This condition can occur, for example, if the testpack procedure is performed incorrectly, the sensitivity of the testpack is low, urine is contaminated by bacteria, side effects of the drugs consumed, and so on. It could also be positive testpack results due to pregnancy disorders, such as miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, wine pregnancy, and so on.

To be clear about the originator of your complaint, you can try to visit the nearest doctor or the nearest obstetrician. With a urine, blood or ultrasound examination, doctors are often able to determine whether you are pregnant or not. For now, it's best to get plenty of rest, don't get too tired, and don't have sex too before the doctor says it's safe for you to do it.

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