Stimulants Are Safe For Intercourse?

Illustration of Stimulants Are Safe For Intercourse?
Illustration: Stimulants Are Safe For Intercourse?

So I fought with my wife for a long time because of work problems, so she is reluctant to have sex again in the future. I have tried to speak nicely but it still doesn’t work, now he doesn’t want to be held either. Are there stimulants that are really safe and effective so that my relationship can return to normal? Thanks

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Domestic problems are a natural thing to happen. If you have a problem with your wife, then you can discuss it well with your wife. You can tell the truth.

Stimulants that are widely sold in the market are not good for health. These stimulants can cause various side effects such as allergies, abdominal pain, and can cause heart problems. It is not recommended that you use the drug.

if you and your wife are still fighting, you can ask your wife to do counseling by a psychiatrist. In this way, the doctor can conduct counseling and provide appropriate input for you and your partner.

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