Stimulates The Speaking Ability Of 2 Year Olds?

Illustration of Stimulates The Speaking Ability Of 2 Year Olds?
Illustration: Stimulates The Speaking Ability Of 2 Year Olds? Bing

I want to ask.. my son is 2 years 4 months old… his speech is not fluent.. but my child has memorized it.. Hijaiyah letters, alphabets, numbers, even being invited to interact already understand.. it’s just that to speak the vocabulary is still small and the child is very active…rnIs it still normal???what should I do for my child’s speech development???rnThank you

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Hi Helder,

Thank you for asking

The ability to speak is one of the most important aspects of development in children. At the age of 2 years, normally children already have a fairly large vocabulary, which ranges from 20 to 50 words. At this age, children are generally able to combine 2 words to be meaningful, for example "mama eat", "eat rice", and so on. When given a simple command, the child is generally able to understand and obey it.

If judging at a glance from the information you convey, it is likely that the condition your child is experiencing is still quite reasonable. Indeed, the speed of speech development of each child is not always the same, it can be slower, or it can be faster. This condition is also influenced by the stimulation given, oromotor disorders, hearing problems, gadget use, brain disorders, autism, hyperactivity disorders, articulation disorders, and so on.

In general, you need to be aware of speech delays in children if at 24 months of age, no 2-word sentences can be understood. However, to assess more objectively, you can check your child directly to a pediatrician, growth and development sub-division. Thus, it can be assessed based on standardized benchmarks, whether your child's speech ability is still classified as normal or late. Furthermore, treatment efforts will be adjusted according to the type of disorder.

Continue to stimulate children's speech skills through the following efforts:

Often invite him to interact, play, read fairy tales Give him simple commands, teach him to obey them Train children to eat alone, not to eat food --- this affects their oromotor function Train children to express their desires well, not by pointing or whining Keep children away from gadgets

Speech delay

Hope it helps ya..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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