Stinging Tongue, Numbness And Black Dots Appear After A Hot Meal?

Good night, 3 days ago my tongue was exposed to a very hot food, until now my tongue feels sore and numb and black dots appear, how do I treat it?

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Good morning, thanks for asking at Burning tongue is a common condition when a person consumes food or drinks that are too hot. The severity and ability of the tongue to recover from this condition will also depend on the extent of the affected area, how hot it is, the object and how long it has been exposed to the object.

If the tongue is burning, the most obvious symptoms are pain and numbness, in addition to redness, swelling, and if it is really hot or the damage is deep, black or white spots may appear. The way to treat a burning tongue is generally more in the initial treatment, where as soon as the tongue burns, what should be done is to drink or gargle with cold water for a few minutes, suck on ice cubes to reduce pain, avoid warm or even hot liquids, flush with cold salt water and taking anti-inflammatory or painkillers. These things are done to minimize damage so as to accelerate healing.

In your case, since three days have passed, all you can do is wait for your tongue to heal on its own. It should be noted that depending on the severity, a burned tongue can heal from a few days, up to six weeks. So if indeed the condition that happened to you is severe enough, recovery can take a long time. But because you also haven't checked with a doctor, our advice is that you should still consult your problem with the dentist so that you can see the severity of the condition and maybe given topical medication to help relieve pain for some time. So, hopefully it answers your question.

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