Stitch Wounds?

Illustration of Stitch Wounds?
Illustration: Stitch Wounds?

I just fell from the motorbike and it’s been 3 days I can’t stand up because it hurts. If I stand up, I have stitches on my knees and then I bleed a lot of blood. Is it normal or needs special handling?

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Hi Mecky .. Thanks for the question.

After experiencing trauma there can be several conditions such as:

Tear wounds

Of course this causes pain. If your knee joint is very painful, difficult or immovable, swollen, deformed, and bruised then you need to be aware of possible fractures. Meanwhile, if the joint can still be moved and the pain is not too severe, it's just that the stitches continue to bleed, then it's a good idea to see a doctor. So that the doctor can do a direct examination and evaluate your suture wound. Bleeding can still occur due to trauma to the blood vessels but the blood vessels are not sutured properly, it could also be because the wound is still healing but the knee joint has been used for excessive movement.

It is better if you keep the wound clean, cover it with sterile gauze, keep it away from dust and other dirt, keep the wound dry and not exposed to water, and eat nutritious food to help heal wounds

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dr. Iriyanti

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