Stitches In The Vagina After Delivery Come Loose And Bleed?

Illustration of Stitches In The Vagina After Delivery Come Loose And Bleed?
Illustration: Stitches In The Vagina After Delivery Come Loose And Bleed?

Good afternoon, I want to ask. R nWhy after stitching it inside and out, my left vagina was swollen, and the stitches came loose and bleeding. Is it normal or dangerous?

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Hello Gina,

When did you give birth? Postpartum vaginal sutures will generally begin to "dry" after 1-2 weeks. During the healing process, it is hoped that the mother will keep the vaginal area dry and clean. Some tips that can be done to treat vaginal sutures:

Shower as usual
Only use antiseptic fluids or vaginal cleansers recommended / prescribed by a doctor
Often change sanitary napkins when still out of the puerperium
Dry the vagina before wearing underwear or pads
If it hurts when sitting, you can use a pillow as a cushion
Do Kegel exercises
Postpone intercourse until postpartum blood stops

Sometimes there is a problem in the stitches, for example the stitches are swollen, loose / open, pus, or have a strong smell. If this condition occurs, it is necessary to think about the infection of the vaginal sutures.

I suggest that you take control to a gynecologist so you can see the condition of the stitches. Then the doctor will provide further treatment for you according to the results of the examination. Treatment can be given by giving drugs (drinking and rubbing), and suturing again if necessary, for example if the wound is still deep and the tissue has not fused properly or the wound continues to bleed a lot. Avoid applying anything to the suture area / vagina without doctor's advice.

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Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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