Stomach Ache After Miscarriage?

Illustration of Stomach Ache After Miscarriage?
Illustration: Stomach Ache After Miscarriage?

Good night Doctor. Before I introduce myself, just name JemboMau. I asked him about my wife being 5 weeks pregnant. what’s the sign? And how to overcome it? … Thank you

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Bleeding in the first trimester of pregnancy can signal many possibilities. Bleeding can occur due to miscarriage or just the first sign of miscarriage where the fetus is actually still alive. Some other possible causes of bleeding in pregnancy include:

ectopic pregnancy or pregnancy outside the uterus
molar pregnancy or grape pregnancy
post-sexual bleeding that occurs due to changes in the cervix of a pregnant woman
infection of the reproductive organs

Basically every case of bleeding in pregnancy must always get a direct examination from the obstetrician to ascertain the cause. You should immediately bring your wife to the obstetrician and do not delay, especially if your wife still continues to experience bleeding and stomach pain accompanying the bleeding. As long as it's not yet clear what causes the bleeding, avoid sexual intercourse and ask your wife to rest and lie down more.

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