Stomach Ache At Night.?

Illustration of Stomach Ache At Night.?
Illustration: Stomach Ache At Night.?

hello, I have a 2 year old kid 5 months he has a stomachache for the past 3 days and it only happens on the night before morning (until dawn) his sleep becomes uneasy and does not sound good it is also not smooth but he poops at night. no fever. but he looks limp as inactive as usual. That’s why?

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Additional information is needed about complaints that your child feels, such as the location of abdominal pain. Does the child still want to eat and drink, there are other complaints such as nausea, vomiting, or defecation that is runny (diarrhea).

Some of the causes of your stomach complaints may include:

Heartburn / dyspepsia Gastric acid disease Gastric ulcer Infection of the stomach and intestine (gastroenteritis) Food poisoning Inflammation in the appendix (appendicitis) Dehydration The pattern of each person's bowel movement is different. Need to be clarified about defecating defecate, is it really not defecating or defecating rarely. Because the causes of abdominal pain are quite diverse and the child looks weak or no longer active, then you should consult with a pediatrician. The doctor requires a physical examination, laboratory tests, and supporting examinations such as x-rays to find out the exact cause of your complaint. You can also pay attention to other danger signs such as complaints such as high fever, severe abdominal pain or abdominal pain in the lower right, diarrhea mixed with mucus or blood, excessive nausea, vomiting, children do not want to eat and drink, signs of dehydration (urinating little and dark in color), can not defecate at all or fart then you should immediately visit the nearest health facility.

Some things you can do for your complaint are:

Drink enough water and as often as possible Eat regularly, don't be late eating Avoid consumption of foods that are too spicy, fizzy, alcoholic, contain caffeine (such as coffee, tea) It is recommended to eat smaller portions but often Storing food at the right temperature (as in the refrigerator) and avoid consuming food that is too long. Get used to waiting 2-3 hours after the last meal if you want to sleep. If there is a pain complaint on uluhati You can also consume drugs for the stomach that are sold freely like antacids. Hopefully this information can be useful for you.


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