Stomach Ache In Children Aged 2 Years

Illustration of Stomach Ache In Children Aged 2 Years
Illustration: Stomach Ache In Children Aged 2 Years

, my child is 2 years old, he complained of stomach ache until he cried, he didn’t want to poop but didn’t come out “, usually he was sick because of eating noodles, but today my son doesn’t eat noodles at all, I’m confused about going to the doctor, with the current situation honestly I am afraid, afraid that my child is contracting other diseases, what medicine should I give to my child? The steps I take are just compressing the stomach and forehead, giving Anget tea with a little salt, if I don’t get sick if I sleep, but if he wakes up he complains that his stomach hurts,

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Difficult complaints CHAPTER can occur due to a hard fist so difficult to remove. Complaints can be flatulence and pain. Several conditions can cause difficult complaints CHAPTER include:

Less fiber consumption
Drinking too much milk and drinking less water
Not moving enough
The effect of certain drugs

For that, a number of things you can do at home are:

Increase your intake of high-fiber foods such as vegetables and fruit
Make sure the child drinks enough water
Limit cow's milk

Teach children to routinely move every day
Teach children not to hold back bowel movements

If the complaint continues even with optimal treatment at home then immediately go to the hospital to consult a doctor. Do not carelessly give laxatives, especially in children. Consult a doctor in choosing laxatives. In a COVID-19 pandemic like this you are advised to remain at home. But if you really have to leave the house like go to a health facility to see a doctor then stay alert. Use a mask if your child and you have respiratory symptoms and avoid using public transportation as much as possible. Wash your hands regularly and keep a distance from your surroundings at least 1m.

To add information you can read this article.

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