Stomach Ache Like Burning.?

Illustration of Stomach Ache Like Burning.?
Illustration: Stomach Ache Like Burning.?

Excuse me, I’m Amel 20 years. It’s been 5 days that my heart feels burning, hot and painful. And I also feel pain in my back and lungs. My throat also hurts, so it’s hard to swallow food. Besides that, my bowel was also not smooth. Previously I had a history of typhoid and magh, I guess why this time, yeah. Thank you.

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Hello Amel, thank you for the question.

Reading your complaint, there are several conditions that might cause it such as:

Gastric acid disease (GERD)
Inflammation of the esophagus (esophagitis)

Impaired movement of the esophagus muscle
Gastric inflammation (gastritis)
Dyspepsy syndrome
Sore throat
Inflammatory bowel

Because there are several possibilities as mentioned above, then you should check your current complaint further to the doctor for further evaluation of the complaint and your current physical condition. Your doctor may recommend that you do a number of examinations such as chest x-ray examination, gastrointestinal binoculars and some other tests based on your doctor's consideration, after that you can determine what disease you are suffering from and how it is treated.

For this time, there are some things you can try to do to reduce complaints such as:

Avoid the consumption of foods that are acidic, spicy and foods that contain high fat, especially when the stomach is empty
Avoid or limit consumption of coffee, alcohol, and also carbonated drinks
Make a fixed meal schedule for each day, and don't eat too late
Doing exercise regularly
Avoid excessive stress
Increase consumption of vegetables and fruits
Get enough rest every day (minimum 7-8 hours)
Avoid taking pain medication without a clear recommendation from a doctor

I hope this helps.

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