Stomach Ache, Nausea, Insomnia, Vomiting Of Blood

Excuse me Doc, I used to suffer from stage 4 pulmonary tuberculosis and was sentenced to recover in June 2016. Since then I often experience indigestion, often nausea and tightness in the neck like being strangled. (During that time I also stopped smoking, stayed away from spicy foods, and not doing heavy work.) Lately I have felt that symptom, and there are other symptoms that I also feel. Like my left chest is like being pricked by a needle, but after 2 days the rest has subsided. And when nausea came, I could not lie down / sleep. When I vomit, there is a mixture of blood, although the size is slightly around 1-2 tablespoons. What do you think it hurts, Doc? Is there a possibility of my TB infection again? Can it be cured? What things should I pay attention to? Thank you for your attention and answers.

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 We understand the concerns that you feel
 Tuberculosis is an infection of the lungs by the bacterium Micobacterium tuberculosis. This infection is easily transmitted from droplets that come out of patients through coughing or sneezing, entering the respiratory tract and causing inflammation of the lung tissue. Typical symptoms of tuberculosis include long-standing coughing for more than 2 weeks, coughing up blood, prolonged low-grade fever, weight loss or difficulty rising, always sweating even when not on the move, decreased appetite, fatigue, chest pain and shortness of breath.

Tuberculosis (TB) can be identified through sputum examination, chest x-ray or TCM examination (molecular rapid test) with GeneExpert. Lung infections can be cured with antituberculosis drug treatment (OAT) which must be taken routinely every day for 6 months.

Related to your complaint, this condition can be caused by various possible causes, ranging from disorders of the lungs, digestive organs or disorders of the heart.
 Symptoms of shortness of breath and chest pain can be one sign of recurrent / recurring tuberculosis infection. But to be sure, it requires a series of specific tests that refer to lung disorders. The possibility of other diseases such as disorders of the stomach such as gastric inflammation (gastritis), gastric acid reflux / gastroesophageal reflux (GERD), and angina pain in the heart can also provide a picture of complaints that are almost similar.
To find out more about the exact cause of the complaint that you are feeling, we suggest that you do an examination directly to the nearest doctor or a specialist in internal medicine for further evaluation. The doctor will conduct a thorough examination including symptoms that are felt, a history of previous illnesses that have been experienced, as well as a direct physical examination.
 Other investigations such as blood laboratories, endoscopy (inserting a camera device such as binoculars into the digestive tract), chest X-rays, heart records may be needed to determine the specific cause of the perceived complaint.

You do not need to worry about your current condition. Maintain your body's health by consuming healthy and nutritious foods, avoiding spicy, sour, coconut milk, too fatty foods, coffee and tea. Avoid stress, anxiety, and fatigue because it can lead to stomach disorders. Expand the consumption of water every day and regular exercise.
 Maintain close contact with others before making sure that your complaint is not caused by an infectious disease such as tuberculosis. Use a nose and mouth mask, and wash your hands frequently with soap.

Do not hesitate to do the examination to the nearest doctor to alleviate perceived complaints such as nausea and vomiting. The doctor will provide the right therapy that suits your condition.
 Thus the information we can convey, hopefully helps

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