Stomach Ache When 4 Months Pregnant?

Illustration of Stomach Ache When 4 Months Pregnant?
Illustration: Stomach Ache When 4 Months Pregnant?

Mlm … I am 4 months pregnant. 2 days my stomach is mules, mules are like diarrhea but not chapters …

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Hello Nengk,

Thank you for the question.

Heartburn during pregnancy can be many possible causes, ranging from uterine contractions, gastrointestinal disorders (such as infections, food allergies, poisoning, malabsorption, intestinal inflammation, irritable bowel syndrome), urinary tract disorders (such as infections, stones, cystitis), psychological disorders muscle disorders and so on. Handling this heartburn should not necessarily be done in order. Sorting the abdominal area is not recommended, both in pregnant women or not. Because organs in the abdomen, unlike organs in other parts of the body that are protected by bones, are only protected by weak skin, muscles, and fat. Excessive massage of the abdominal area is at high risk of injury to internal organs. And if done while pregnant, then you will also risk a miscarriage.

The good, first overcome the nausea with a warm compress and also do the following steps:

Rest more, hang your legs higher up during sleep so that the heartburn subsides
Not always lifting weights that are too heavy
Wear clothes and comfortable footwear during your activities
Not too much to have sex
Limit consumption of spicy, oily, fatty foods, as well as caffeinated, fizzy drinks, and sour fruit
Do not snack at random, especially foods that are not cooked and not hygienic
Get used to wash hands with antiseptic soap before and after eating
Do not take any medicine before prescribed directly by a doctor

However, if the above steps have been carried out and your complaints do not improve, we recommend that you go to your doctor directly or consult a gynecologist so that they are followed up correctly, right?

I hope this helps.

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