Stomach Ache Whether The Sign Will Give Birth?

I want to ask, my stomach hurts from smlm and because it disappears in the period of time 5 minutes, what can it be marked as a sign of giving birth, yes, but if I don’t bleed out, my stomach will feel pain, how well does it hurt?

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Need to be clear, how many weeks exactly is your womb's current age?

Abdominal pain and spotting of blood and vaginal discharge during pregnancy do not always indicate that labor will soon arrive. It could also, this condition occurs purely due to false contractions, hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy, stress, or also fatigue due to excessive physical activity.

Childbirth, normally will occur at 36 to 40 weeks. You can observe this labor from a variety of symptoms, including the arrival of labor contractions, and the discharge of blood or amniotic fluid from the birth canal. The labor contractions are different from fake contractions, because the intensity, duration, and also the frequency is increasing from time to time. These contractions usually feel as pain, twisting, heat, until the heartburn that feels dominant in the lower abdomen, to spread to the genitals and lower back.

If you experience abdominal pain that feels very great and unbearable, you should check yourself directly to the doctor or obstetrician, especially for example if the age of your uterus is already mature (mature). The doctor will do a thorough physical examination, or accompanied by several supporting tests, for example ultrasound, examination of uterine contractions and fetal movements (CTG), laboratory, or maybe also an internal examination to monitor the presence of openings in the portion of your cervix if needed. That way, the doctor can also distinguish whether your complaint really shows that labor is about to arrive, or not. Because in some cases, it could also be, your complaints indicate a disturbance in pregnancy, for example placental abruption, placenta previa, infection, etc. that need further treatment from the doctor.

At this time, you should increase your calming, adjust your breathing well, i.e. by breathing in 2 seconds through your nose, then exhaling 3 seconds through your mouth, repeating repeatedly. Compress your painful stomach with warm water, divert your attention to other things so that your pain feels less. Eat and drink enough so that your stamina is always awake. Expand to rest, position yourself as comfortable as possible (sitting or lying on your left side), while wearing clothes that are also comfortable (not tight). Stay away from excessive anxiety or fear, surrender your life and death to God, accompanied by an effort to do the best for yourself, the fetus you are carrying, and the family you care about. Do not push, unless the doctor has said it is safe for you to do it.

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