Stomach Aches After Consumption Of Tofu?

Illustration of Stomach Aches After Consumption Of Tofu?
Illustration: Stomach Aches After Consumption Of Tofu?

What does tofu have to do with stomach pain? Though I occasionally eat it. I only eat at least 3 months. If you want it. Is it because of stomach acid or an acute stomach ulcer?

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A history of digestive disorders and consumption of tofu may not be related, because consumption of tofu, tempeh, or similar preparations is generally safe for consumption for digestion. However, what needs to be considered is how to process and what menus are consumed together with tofu, this needs to be considered especially for patients who have gastric or digestive disorders.
If you process tofu by frying, especially in deep fried, this can be a risk for causing stomach upset. The content of oil and fried foods that you do will risk increasing your stomach acid, so that it can interfere with your digestion. And if you consume tofu accompanied by a spicy, coconut milk or other oily food menu, so this might increase the risk of increased stomach acid especially those triggered by tofu complementary foods.
However, if you consume tofu very rarely, you should evaluate other possible triggers that can increase digestive disorders or stomach aches, such as:
1. spicy food
2. greasy food
3. overeating or too full
4. late eating
5. salty foods, MSG or instant foods
6. food poisoning
7. liver disorders
8. stress
9. lack of sleep or like to sleep late
If you can do an evaluation independently to find out possible triggers for your digestive complaints, then you can identify and avoid them. By knowing the cause of this complaint, you will be able to prevent this stomach pain complaint. So that the complaints you feel might not be due to the tofu that you consume in the acute period of gastric disease, unless your doctor has confirmed that every time you consume tofu, your stomach disorders will appear, then tofu might be a trigger for your stomach disorders,
However, all of this does need to be evaluated and further examination by your doctor, so it can be known triggers of digestive disorders or disorders of your stomach. Visit your doctor again so the doctor can evaluate your recovery process, trigger complaints and evaluate the treatment process given. Discussing directly with your doctor regularly will help you identify possible triggers and help prevent these complaints from recurring.
For now, you should avoid deep fried tofu, especially with deep fried and consumption of fresh and healthy food during the recovery period. In addition, avoid spicy foods, strong food seasonings, and instant foods.
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