Stomach Aches, Nausea, Greenish Vomiting, And Dizziness?

Illustration of Stomach Aches, Nausea, Greenish Vomiting, And Dizziness?
Illustration: Stomach Aches, Nausea, Greenish Vomiting, And Dizziness?

Good morning doctor,
I want to ask, I have had an unbearable ulcer for a week, (I do have a history of heartburn). I feel that every time I eat my stomach, it starts to ache and is rather nauseous, and I feel dizzy. heartburn often appears when after eating or at night. (I usually give it the * dinit)
in addition, I also felt that I slept poorly because I kept waking up yesterday and was nauseous and immediately vomited out a green liquid like moss and very bitter. I immediately give omepr * zol but vomit out again, and every time I try to give a mat like jelly, dates or drink water continues to come out like that I try continuously while I try to enter the medicine. until about 10X over and over as it finally slowly began to improve. now there are only a few pains, dizziness and insomnia.
Is that already considered an emergency ulcer? and whether the dizziness and insomnia come from ulcers or vice versa?
thank you

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Hello Nabila,

Thank you for asking

Stomach aches, nausea, green vomiting, and dizziness that appear dominant after eating or at night to disturb sleep can be indicative of the following conditions:

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (backflow of stomach acid to the esophagus which causes irritation)
Stomach disorders (eg gastritis, peptic ulcers, gastric cancer) --- often called heartburn

Bile duct or gallbladder disorders (eg cholangitis, cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, choledokolelithiasis, gallbladder cancer)
Liver or pancreatic disorders (eg hepatitis, pancreatitis, cancer)
Others, for example food poisoning, obstructive ileus, digestive infections, and so on

You can observe from our explanation above, that besides heartburn, there are many other possible conditions that can also trigger your complaints at this time.

Vomiting that is very massive (more than 5 times a day) should not be considered trivial. It is feared, vomiting and various other complaints that you experience refer to serious conditions that require further management. It is also feared, this massive vomiting, if not handled properly, can make you lose a lot of fluids and electrolytes, so potentially fatal. Check with your doctor immediately or a specialist in internal medicine so that it is followed up properly. Follow-up examinations, for example laboratories, ultrasound, x-rays, endoscopy, and so on may be the doctor's advice to you so that you can determine the appropriate management.

For now, the first steps we can recommend to you:

Apply a warm compress to the side of the stomach that is nauseous and tender
Eat a little but often
After eating, do not lie down immediately, give a gap of 1-2 hours first, raise your head and chest while sleeping
Avoid eating foods that are spicy, oily, coconut milk, sour, and contain a lot of gas
Don't get used to eating snacks carelessly, especially in places where cleanliness is unclear
Also avoid drinking soft drinks and caffeinated
Stay away from alcohol
Do not carelessly take medicine without a doctor's prescription

Hope this helps ...

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