Stomach Becomes Hungry Quickly When The Condition Is Sick?

Illustration of Stomach Becomes Hungry Quickly When The Condition Is Sick?
Illustration: Stomach Becomes Hungry Quickly When The Condition Is Sick?

hello, I am only 19 years old, which I feel in 1 year I can get a cold flu 3-4 times, with the same time interval of 3-4 months, I guess that’s because I do have tonsillitis so I can get the disease as a whole routine, the disease is the same, the symptoms of the common cold, and it only lasts 3 days, but now I feel different, I have been sick 4 days, I have passed the fever, only now I am very weak, and strange I was very easy to feel hungry, stomach continues rumbling, sounding constantly, sweat continues to come out, heart palpitations, and my mouth feels bitter, when I have eaten sweet food, like I eat melons, when I drink water even the taste of the water becomes very bitter, this is why yes, what I am surprised, I get very hungry fast, please answer yes, thank you

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Hello, Elzabeth, thank you for asking

Feeling very hungry quickly can be a result of poor diet, the type of food eaten, to the presence of certain medical conditions. Lack of protein consumption, eating too much simple carbohydrates (for example: soda, bread, candy, pastries, etc.), lack of drinking water, lack of sleep, eating less fiber, eating too fast, etc. Anxiety, stress, depression, and certain medical conditions such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and pre-menstrual syndrome can also make the body go hungry quickly. Hunger that is very, sweaty, and very weak can also be caused by blood sugar levels that are too low (hypoglycemia), drink sweet immediately if you feel very weak, or if it does not improve immediately to the doctor.

Re-evaluate your diet and the type of food you eat. If it has not improved after making improvements to diet and types of food, or there are other symptoms such as rapid thirst, frequent urination (until waking up repeatedly to urinate), limp body, you can check with your doctor for physical examination and supporting examinations such as tests blood sugar up to a hormone test.

In addition, the mouth feels bitter can be caused by an infection that is happening in the body (for example flu, tonsillitis / inflammation of the tonsils, etc.), infection / inflammation in the oral cavity (for example: candidiasis, leukoplakia, stomatitis), to stomach acid disease. Consumption of certain drugs can also cause the mouth to feel bitter.

To relieve the symptoms of bitter mouth, multiply the consumption of water, keep the oral cavity clean (toothbrush 2x / day, rinse, clean the tongue), and avoid eating / drinking spicy / sour. If it does not improve, consult a doctor to find the exact cause.

Inadequate daily nutritional needs, eat a little but often, multiply protein, complex carbohydrates, and water so that you do not get hungry fast. In addition, getting enough sleep and getting enough rest can help improve the condition.

That's all, hopefully it's useful.


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