Stomach Bloating After Eating?

Illustration of Stomach Bloating After Eating?
Illustration: Stomach Bloating After Eating? Bing

in the morning, I want to ask why every time after eating my stomach expands even though I always stop eating when my stomach starts to bloat? Is there a problem with my intestines? How to handle it? Thanks.

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Hello Sister Najieb Salamah, Stomach upsets feeling bloated to distended can occur in conditions of patients with digestive diseases or dyspepsia such as gastritis, enzyme disorders, intolerance of certain foods (allergies) or disorders of the intestines such as decreased bowel movements in hypokalemia, disturbances of normal intestinal flora. Or in conditions of intestinal leakage (Pneumoperitonitis) and due to fluid accumulation (Ascites).

Flatulence in people with digestive disorders can be caused by several risk factors such as food that is difficult to digest due to lack of or not optimal enzyme performance, chewing unrefined food, types of foods that trigger bloating such as milk, soda, high carbohydrates, sugar, coconut milk, nuts, vegetables such as cabbage and broccoli and fruit. To overcome this can be done with tips: chew food smoothly, eat not too long, do not consume sugar, soda, milk, caffeine. stomach warm compress. To increase the body's electrolytes, you can drink coconut water. Set the diet, regularly not late. If necessary, you can take drugs that contain the enzyme lipase, amylase, protease, or drugs that contain intestinal flora, drugs that increase gastric motility such as those containing domperidone. Consult this situation with a doctor so that you get an immediate examination, other follow-up examinations such as blood electrolyte checks, X-rays to ultrasound if there are indications. Click the Bloated Stomach article. Abstinence of people with stomach ulcers so as not to bloat. Enzyme indigestion. May be useful

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