Stomach Bloating And Pain In Patients With Urinary Tract Infections?

Illustration of Stomach Bloating And Pain In Patients With Urinary Tract Infections?
Illustration: Stomach Bloating And Pain In Patients With Urinary Tract Infections? Bing

rnWant to ask if the UTI can spread to the right side of the abdomen or not?rnThe thing is that since I came home from the hospital it’s been difficult to have a bowel movement and my stomach is very bloated and spreads to the right side of my stomach and my stomach is really hardrnThank you

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Hello Titan sisters, UTI or urinary tract infection occurs when there is a bacterial infection in the urinary tract, if there is no irritation of the urinary tract wall until it bleeds, the germs in the urinary tract will be localized and not spread. However, if there is a wound due to inflammation that makes the walls brittle, it is easy for germs to enter and spread to blood vessels throughout the body. But this rarely happens. Inflammation that occurs in the urinary tract can have an effect on surrounding organs such as the intestines and the uterine system such as digestive disorders and menstrual cycle disorders, this is also influenced by the consumption of the body's immune system, hormonal influences.

Lower abdominal pain, difficulty defecating, pain radiating to the right abdomen until the abdomen becomes hard may be symptoms of: Appendicitis or appendicitis if the pain is mainly felt in the lower right, this disease needs immediate treatment. Constipation due to lack of fiber consumption, decreased immune system, fever, lack of activity when resting so that bowel movements are reduced. Kidney stones, namely abdominal pain that comes and goes, especially in the waist radiating to the front.

It is recommended to consult a doctor again, while evaluating symptom improvement. The doctor will do a direct examination of the abdominal area, after the sister conveys the main complaint what is felt to be very disturbing and other symptoms that are also felt. Hematological examination of blood and leukocyte count can be done, then ultrasound of the appendix or ultrasound of the abdomen/abdomen or TUG ultrasound of the urinary tract. X-ray examination 3 positions of the abdomen can also be done. Treatment will be carried out such as giving digestive tract drugs, to immediate surgery if there is appendicitis. Avoid massaging the intestines, regular consumption of 2 liters of water a day and multiply BAK. Eat nutritious food, avoid stress and get enough rest. Hope it is useful. Click the article: Urinary tract infections. Urinary stones. Prevention of constipation. Appendicitis

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