Stomach Bulging Even Though Bowel Movements Smoothly?

Illustration of Stomach Bulging Even Though Bowel Movements Smoothly?
Illustration: Stomach Bulging Even Though Bowel Movements Smoothly?

Good evening doctor. Last week I suffered from cough + cold, fever and ulcer for 3 days. But after recovering why do I feel if my stomach is distended even though my chapter is smooth but the chapter is runny. There are no other complaints such as dizziness, nausea, flatulence, it’s just that my appetite is reduced but my stomach feels hungry all the time. Is that okay? I am 16 years old.

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Hello Grande,

Stomach felt bulge basically is a condition where in the digestive tract to accumulate digested food or accumulation of air which can cause bloating. BAB which is liquid / consistency that is not the same as usual can be called diarrhea. Diarrhea can occur due to consuming food or drinks that are exposed to viruses, bacteria or parasites.

Distended stomach can arise due to food intake that exceeds the energy needed for physical activity. Consumption of food that is too much, especially those containing high sugar and cholesterol, it will cause a buildup of fat in the body including the stomach. The condition that is always hungry after you have diarrhea is probably one of the things that causes a distended stomach where the hunger of the stomach will cause you to eat and eat food as you wish without regard to the calories and food content you consume.

Distended stomach can cause fat accumulation in the stomach, if this happens for a long time then of course this can increase the risk of dangerous diseases that can attack the digestive tract, respiratory tract or other important organs in the body. However, to make sure the condition of the distended stomach is caused by any factor, it would be better if you consult directly with your doctor so that your body is examined in detail. That way you can immediately get treatment according to your circumstances.

While you can do several things related to a distended stomach and complaints of defecation that you experience, such as:

Consuming lots of fluids to prevent you from dehydration be it water, fluids containing electrolytes good for the body, or coconut water.
Avoid foods that are high in calories and high in fat such as biscuits, crackers, chips or fast food.
Avoid eating food when it is too late
Avoid sleeping right after eating
If you have a stomach acid neutralizing drug, then you can take it shortly or before eating.

So that we can convey, hopefully useful for you. Thanks.

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