Stomach Colds And Many Farts That Never Heal?

I want to ask, how come my stomach often catches cold … so there are lots of farts, it makes me uncomfortable when I pray … why is that … it’s been years …

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Hello Herman, thank you for asking at

The complaint that you feel can be caused by several conditions such as:

Stomach acid disease
Dyspepsia syndrome
Side effects of consuming foods or drinks that contain a lot of gas (such as carbonated drinks, sweet potatoes and others)
Irritable bowel syndrome
Food intolerance

Because your complaint has been felt for a long time and has not improved, it is highly recommended to conduct an examination to the doctor directly to make a direct assessment of your complaint and also your physical condition, to determine what is the main cause of your complaint. If necessary, it is possible that the doctor will ask you to do some additional examinations to help determine the cause of the complaint, such as an x-ray of the stomach, ultrasound of the stomach, abdominal binoculars and others according to the doctor's consideration.

For now, you should pay further attention whenever you experience a complaint and whether there are certain foods or drinks that trigger or aggravate the complaint. Also avoid foods and drinks that contain lots of gas for a while and eat regularly every day. Increase consumption of vegetables and fruits. Avoid stress, get enough rest, increase water consumption and also do regular exercise.

I hope this helps.

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