Stomach Cramps Accompanied By Fever, Nausea And Bleeding Like Menstruation During Urination?

Hello I am Veronica, I want to ask dokJadii in the past few weeks I feel my stomach cramps, fever and nausea like that, and 3 days later I have my period, and usually I do it for 3 days, and lately I don’t know why every time I dispose of it Small water always comes out like blood and this is a little dark color. DokKalo, may I know what this symptoms are? Because every time I urinate blood comes out but the color is a bit dark, and my mood isn’t very good that’s the doc. Previously thanks and I’m waiting for the answer

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Hello, thank you for asking with

Is your menstruation over? If your menstruation is not finished / clean, it is likely that your urine is bleeding a little because it is still menstruating. But if your menstruation has finished, bloody urine can indicate the occurrence of an illness, such as:

- Urinary Tract Infection / UTI

- Urinary tract stones

Kidney disease, such as inflammation (glomerulonephritis) or due to diabetes (diabetic nephropathy).

- and others.

To find out the cause of your complaint further, you should consult with a doctor. So that doctors can conduct interviews and some direct examination to find out the cause of your complaint.

Here's what you can do at home: avoid urinating, keep your sex organs clean, clean your intimate organs from front to back every urination, change your underwear regularly, keep your body clean, avoid using tight clothing, avoid cigarette smoke / smoking, avoid alcoholic drinks, manage stress well, get enough rest, consume enough water, do regular exercise.

If you feel severe abdominal pain, heavy bleeding from the vagina, immediately see a doctor.

Thank you, hope that helps.

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