Stomach Cramps Every Time You Wake Up?

Illustration of Stomach Cramps Every Time You Wake Up?
Illustration: Stomach Cramps Every Time You Wake Up?

Hello Doctor .. good morning I want to ask questions about digestion, I am itamako Age 37 I often experience pert mules every waking up I am Teri’s going to the toilet after finishing the activity 1 hour later I have to defecate again And that makes my mind uncomfortable, am I experiencing lingering in the digestive organs or seeing the symptoms of what disease? r nHow not to be like that. Thank you for the answer

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Hi Itamako,

Thank you for asking

Frequent recurring heartburn generally indicates inflammation of the digestive tract. The triggers for this inflammation can vary, one of which is related to the type of food you eat. Consuming foods that are too spicy, contain lots of oil, are fatty, or are also processed unhygienically can clearly trigger inflammation and cause heartburn. It could also, this heartburn occurs due to being influenced by excessive anxiety, side effects of drugs being consumed, hormonal changes (for example before menstruation for women), psychological stress, and so on. As long as this heartburn is mild in intensity, and does not cause you to vomit or experience very frequent bowel movements (up to more than 3 times a day) with a watery stool consistency, then the possibility of your heartburn is not dangerous.

Here are some other possibilities that can trigger heartburn and increase the frequency of bowel movements:

Gastrointestinal infection

Food intolerance or malabsorption
Food poisoning
Inflammation of the intestine
Irritable bowel syndrome
Food allergies, and so on

You should check yourself directly to a doctor or an internal medicine specialist if it is true that your bowel movements occur very often and the heartburn that appears is very disturbing. Some examinations, such as stool tests, blood tests, ultrasound, and so on, the doctor may also do to establish a definite diagnosis of your complaints.

The following initial treatment you can do for a while:

First, limit the consumption of foods that are too spicy, contain lots of oil, and are fatty
Nor does it consume foods that are not properly processed or processed unhygienically
Increase the consumption of foods that are easy to digest, for example foods that are soft, soup
Get used to diligently washing your hands and covering cooked food so that flies don't catch them
Calm your mind, don't worry too much
Compress the heartburn with warm water
Take probiotics and prebiotics to help nourish your digestive tract
Avoid alcohol
Not taking drugs carelessly (including anti-diarrhea drugs)

Hope it helps ..

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