Stomach Cramps Pain To The Head.?

Illustration of Stomach Cramps Pain To The Head.?
Illustration: Stomach Cramps Pain To The Head.?

My doctor wanted to ask, I recently often feel cramps in the left abdomen radiating to the chest and even back pain so, my head dizzy like heavy. Can you help explain, why do I feel this way? thank you

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Symptoms of pain is an uncomfortable sensation that occurs due to interference with certain structures in the body. In patients, the symptoms of pain can spread to several different places because several regions get the same innervation. In addition, specifically for headaches, the causes of pain can be more varied, ranging from psychological disorders (lack of sleep, stress, depression), functional disorders such as migraines, cluster headaches, etc., electrolyte disturbances, to the presence of structural disorders that cause certain neurological disorders (stroke, tumor, etc.).

Therefore, in your case, symptoms of pain in the abdomen, chest, and head can be a manifestation of the same disease but spread to several different places, but can also be caused by a combination of several different diseases. To distinguish these things, you need to know the main symptoms that you feel (the first symptoms arise and the most dominant), additional symptoms, physical examination required by a doctor, and also additional examinations (laboratory, radiology, etc.).

There are several conditions or diseases that can cause symptoms as you describe, including:

Gastrointestinal disorders, such as gastroenteritis, colitis, gastritis, GERD etc. This condition is a disorder of the digestive tract that can be caused by infection, acid imbalance in the stomach, food intolerance, and others. The main symptoms that are often felt are abdominal pain, heartburn, digestive disorders (diarrhea or constipation), where pain symptoms can spread to the chest, and can also make patients feel weak, dizzy, etc.

Heart disease, can be caused by conditions in which the heart muscle lacks adequate supply of nutrients and oxygen due to blocked arteries. The main symptom felt is left chest pain, but it can also spread to the solar plexus, arms, back through the chin and. It also can be accompanied by other additional symptoms, such as cold sweat, palpitations, etc.

Muscle pain, is a condition where the muscles are used excessively, for example in physical activity or excessive exercise, incorrect posture for a long time (such as sleeping or sitting), carrying items or too heavy loads, etc. This condition can generally improve on its own for several days, enough with rest and does not require certain treatment.
Functional headaches, such as tension type headaches, cluster types, migraines, etc.

If you have experienced these symptoms frequently, or are recurring frequently, and have not improved in a few days, or are accompanied by symptoms such as fever, left chest pain, palpitations, diarrhea, etc., I recommend checking to general practitioner or internist in order to get a more complete examination and appropriate treatment.

Some things you can do right now are:

Regulate regular eating patterns, by prioritizing nutritious foods
Avoid consuming foods that are too spicy or sour
Consuming enough water
Get enough rest (at least 6-8 hours a day)
Sleep and sit, in the correct position
Avoid lifting things that are too heavy
Warm up before exercising heavily
If the symptoms do not improve, you can take anti-pain medication that has a green logo (sold freely at the pharmacy) with the dosage and usage rules as stated on the package. But keep in mind that long-term use of anti-pain medications can cause side effects. If after using pain medications the symptoms still often reappear, consult a doctor.

So, hopefully you can help.

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